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What you need to know about Putin-Patrushev's nuclear blackmail doctrine

What you need to know about Putin-Patrushev's nuclear blackmail doctrine
What you need to know about Putin-Patrushev's nuclear blackmail doctrine

On June 2, the Russian President's Decree of 02.06.2020 No. 355 "On the basics of the Russian Federation's state policy on nuclear deterrence" came into force, posted on the official website of the Kremlin and in Russian electronic legal systems.

Previously, this document was published under the "secret" label. Now, after the placement of this document in the publi

c domain, its significance has gone beyond the topic outlined in it. Putin, but also his fears

.The main essence of Putin's policy on the use of nuclear weapons is revealed in paragraph 4, where, among other things, the purpose of nuclear deterrence is called "preventing escalation of hostilities and "ending" them on conditions acceptable to the Russian Federation and/or its allies."

In this context, B. Putin openly addresses first of all to the countries victims of Russian military aggression and occupation the following message: we will continue to fight against you until total annihilation. For the sake of realizing our criminal designs, we will intensify the escalation of our aggression, and then stop it on our own terms. And so it will continue until we fully conquer you, until you disappear from the political map of the world. And if they try to prevent us from doing so and provide you with military assistance, or to cover us from our military aggression, we will launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against you.

In fact, the published document contains a strategy of nuclear blackmail as part of the implemented B. Putin, the overall strategy of the 4th World Hybrid War "Escalate for de-escalate." Combined with the ongoing B. Putin and his criminal entourage of the 4th World Hybrid War, the document under consideration can be called the doctrine of nuclear blackmail of Putin-Patrus

hev.In 2014, N. Patrushev (co-organizer of the explosions of residential buildings in Moscow, Volgodonsk and Ryazan (the terrorist attack was suppressed)) failed to drag into the military doctrine of the Russian Federation its concept of the first nuclear strike in a local armed conflict in case the possible loss of Russia affects certain interests that Putin and his entourage can assess as significant for themselves. Then some of the generals and experts serving Pu

tin were against this concept. Putin is more than ever ready for a big victorious war, which decided to instill

fear on his victims by unveiling his plan for nuclear blackmail. , it

will be possible to force Ukraine to surrender by imposing new capitulation agreements, of course on the terms of t

he aggressor and the occupier, then the next to prepare for occupation – the Baltic countries; (This, the author of this material has repeatedly reported)3) exerting psychological pressure on the U.S. lead

ership to extend the Treaty on the Reduction of Strategic Offensive Weapons (START-3), which expires in February 2021, which is unilaterally observed only by the

United States, but not Russia. 19 document under consideration, which lists four conditions defining the possibility of the Russian Federation using

nuclear weapons: (a) the receipt of reliable information on the launch of ballistic missiles attacking the te

rritory of the Russian Federation and/or its allies; b) the use of nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destructio

n by the russian Federation and/or its allies; the decommissioning of which will lead to the breakdown of the response of nuclear forces; d) agg

ression against the Russian Federation with conventional weapons, when the very existence of the state is t

hreatened. "a" and "b" are not specified class of ballistic missiles, are not specified types of weapons of mass destruction, the degree of reliability of the information that is the basis

for the use of nuclear weapons is specified. Putin's plan for a theatre of war in Ukraine and the Baltic states would not accidentally spill over into Russia.

In the. Putin fears any ballistic missile that, during the counter-offensive of Ukrainian troops, or in case of an attempt to capture the Baltic states, NATO troops, can accidentally hypothetically get into the territory of Russia.

Also, the possibility of liberation from the occupation of temporarily occupied by Russia Crimea, which may arise during the counteroffensive of Ukrainian troops was one of the factors of Putin's acceptance of the nuclear doctrine in such an

edition.On the other hand, the lack of credibility of the information in the document may indicate the intention of B. Putin to strike a nuclear strike only when information from the early warning syst

em is received.However, hypothetically, as a result of the use of tactical nuclear weapons on the Donetsk, Crimean and Baltic directions, which arose after nuclear explosions, nuclear contamination can spread hun

dreds of kilometers and reach Moscow. Putin to Ukraine and everything Ukrainian, compensated by his cowardice serious and irreparable consequences from the crimes planned by him.

The fear of Putin and his entourage for himself may not allow them to launch a nuclear strike on Ukraine and the Baltic states.

Yuri Shulipa

What you need to know about Putin-Patrushev's nuclear blackmail doctrine

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