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Don't be like Vava

Don't be like Vava
Don't be like Vava


re is the case. But I was imbued with the coarse language of some journalists.

The National Council was struck by the word, (sorry, very sorry, dear readers) "ass" in one of the TV broadc

asts and they appointed an unscheduled inspection of this TV channel.

And he organized the flash mob.

And the quarters, matchmaker, all beautifully our Ukrainian show business happily recorded videos about "ass" (sorry, please, this quote), and it showed the channels that forged the victory of t

he National Council, au! Condemn zelensky publicly for lack of culture and the same "ass" (sorry, dear readers).

Don't be like Vava

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Рюрик Станіслав - патріот України, радіоаматор і блогер який займається боротьбою з агресією і пропагандою нацистської Росії в радіо ефірі.