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Amendments to the constitution: whether you go to vote or not will not solve anything

Amendments to the constitution: whether you go to vote or not will not solve anything
Amendments to the constitution: whether you go to vote or not will not solve anything

Putin is accelerating the process of total disintegration. Everything disintegrates: common sense, legislati

on, the state, and with them – concepts of honor and conscience. "Don't think about anything! Cut off your conscience! Put you in the urn and cover

your grandmother's organs!" A centurion calls? So he is a sissy, who ran after the hill at the first "shucher"! And it is useless to say that if I had not saved the family, I would have been lying two meters deeper, for our Kremlin producer had not burrowed into the earthly. After that – he said that "this is not a reason to kill…" A

nd, by the way, this "skittish Russophobe" certainly today would not write and read these lines. He wouldn't care about you or the Constitution, which is being

stitched up today as Frankenstein's monster. Black – certainly, because it is based on lies and raped minds. And after you, having knocked down three times, come and put in a cheek a shameful piece of paper, on which you even write the word "no" – you will never wash away from shame.

You will reset not only the terms of Putin's maniac, but also your own conscience will zero. By touching this act, you will lose the moral right to talk about the Law, the Court, civil rights. You'll wipe yourself with a erasel from the legal field. Volunteerand and fore

ver.Today you are destined to pass or fail the final exam for civic maturity: at a time when a mass of respected people, pointing to a bunch of brown shit, confidently argues that it is not shit, but – a substance of dark color, and it is necessary to touch it or even eat a piece – you need to have a whole worldview to unbeerly answer: "I will not take part in this."

Because that's how they always admonish, before every Putin's rape of common sense. So it was in 2016, when the opposition, heated primaries with the revolutionary Maltsev, went to the polls and safely remained behind, not gaining even 2%.

And how much foam was around the vote in 2018! How Ksushadi galloped and wrinkled Yavlinsky's minds

! The whole circus brigade was touted in the pre-election capitol – if only you came and, having signed in the barn Reichs book, took away nothing meaningful sheet. Because Ella's brothel-mother will think it right.

She counted, not even blushing. And now it was the turn of the Constitution. Because Putin needs to rule forever. He can't leave, they'll kill him at once, and from the realization of this axiom to the Fuhrer's death.

Treat it with understanding – you are not animals! So the decision was made to pull the owl on the globe – so that our greatest maniacello did not suffer at night from the political enuresis.

Suck the previous deadlines, like scars, by Kashpirovsky's method. And they shouted toss: "It's not the semean, but it's seen! Try it, it's not disgusting at all!.." you vomit, turns inside out, and at this moment you decide for yourself: whether you can go against the back of the sheep, floating in the direction of the entarising slaughterhouse or – well, it's all floating, and I swim?

.. However, there is one consolation, although it is doubtful. The fact is that it is absolutely not important whether to go to this sham institution or not. Stick a ballot or put two fingers in your mouth and pumin in.

All prohibited techniques have already been applied, all sins are committed, the sword of Damocles hangs on the cobwebs and will certainly break from the slightest whiff of historical wind.

And here is not the wind – there is a hurricane planned. So the empire is in any case a "sekir-head" and whether it is so important in what state of mind you will meet this historical moment. With a severed conscience or not? Perhaps it is even easier: cut her off to the devil's mother, so as not to suffer afterwards, not to solve difficult dilemmas, and not to rush between feeling and duty. As a mother-kil

ler: throw and forget. He may even reject the Constitution, which is contrary to the spirit. And Putin in response will roll out the nuclear eggs of Brezhnev's grandfather and declare that they do not look like Faberge, but are not cheaper. And he will add that he is also ready to fight for peace – with all hypersonic missiles.

This will end the legal battles on the international scene. And inside Russia, the most interesting things will begin. Shooting at home for 4 rolls of wallpaper – it's just a sample of the pen. Weaning children in Orenburg region with their subsequent return is a gentle smile of a maniac before the preliminary caresses.

Hand-wringing during the "mask regime" is a prelude to the start of a big fascist concert. Now the most important thing is to fill the hall. Our maniac conductor, armed with a scalpel, is important sold-out. He wants to see everyone: right and left, weak and brave, audacious and indecisive.

He needs to look into everyone's eyes: "How do you feel before I start cutting your flesh? You tremble with fear or foolish curiosity: what will happen? It's going to hurt. And most importantly, no one's going to help you. There are no friends, there are only enemies or those who do not care about you. You can shout and call for help – all give no head to you …"

Consider this call the only voice of reason from the general chorus of logic: do not go to this coven. Don't humiliate yourself.

Don't let your conscience be raped and cut it off. The truth is cruel: whether you go or not – it does not solve anything. The empire is still over.

But at least personally you can then say: "When everyone rushed to this stench brothel – I was left alone with my conscience. It's clean, but the most important thing is that I have it."

Sasha Sotnikov

Amendments to the constitution: whether you go to vote or not will not solve anything

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