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RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA. Russian, so – Nazism

RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA. Russian, so – Nazism
RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA. Russian, so - Nazism
Russian Nazism and Propaganda

We must pay tribute to the way Russian Nazi propaganda is organized. Her main trick is to shift the point of view. It is based on the fact that normal people are used to reasoning on their own and draw their own conclusions on all the issues of interest. Unlike their own population, whose critical thinking is destroyed as a phenomenon, in the rest of the world everyone has the right to think independently and actively enjoys this right.

This feature is used to the fullest and gives its results. It looks something like you can sometimes see on the streets of our cities. Take a closer look at this picture and you will see exactly how Putin's propaganda works. Here among the crowd squeezes a group of gypsies with children. You are a normal person and believe that they go about some of their own business. It just doesn't occur to you that they don't go anywhere, they go hunting.

The group has its own structure and conditional signals. It just seems that the gypsies randomly wander down the street, they look for a lonely, well-dressed woman of a certain kind – the victim. Once the victim is selected, the group is notified and takes the starting position. The woman is stopped, and the most impressive gypsy begins to carry nonsense about the fact that on her or loved ones – spoilor or other danger. Its purpose is to draw attention to itself personally, so that the victim does not pay attention to what is happening around. When this goal is achieved, it is easily drawn into the conversation.

At this time, the rest of the group occupies the starting position. In front and behind the victims are gypsies, closely watching the situation (on the shucher), one or two gypsies will be next to the speaker (withdrawal). And underfoot are children. Then everything happens depending on the qualifications of the group members.

But the most important thing that the victim does not understand, she must show where she has money. She will be offered to give a small amount or an object of gold to remove the damage. Some insinuated personalities – remove the rings, others decide that they will not leave if they give a five or ten. But at the same time they take the purse out of the bag or pocket.

Then it's a matter of technology. The purse is taken out by the trained movement and handed over to the women standing behind. They will then fight in hysterics and prove that no one took the purse. In fact, they pass the wallet to the child and he quickly leaves the scene of the event and it is covered by the one who stood at a distance on the shucher. Around the corner, the wallet is emptied and thrown away. No one can prove that money in hand and money from the purse are the same.

But the main key point is to divert the victim's attention. If it succeeded, then everything else can be done in several ways, because one stupid victim is confronted by a dozen experienced fraudsters.

In this situation, you never need to enter into any dialogues with these crooks, because they have one goal – to take away your money. They don't need water, they don't need to swaddle the baby and stuff. Or rather, they don't need your help with this. They will not remove any corruption and will not be found. They won't do anything but leave you without money. If you understand that, you won't have a problem.

It's the same with Putin's Nazi propaganda. It is necessary to decide once and for all that these are professional liars, descendants of Goebbels. They have fooled their stupid population to such an extent that they look openly at the Nazis who took out their money, their children's money and grandchildren' money. So they work professionally and effectively. Goebbels is just a child in their background.

As soon as normal people begin to analyze the nonsense and nonsense of the Nazi Kremlin, which is served by the Kremlin media or officials, you are guaranteed to go into the discussion of some nonsense, and at this time Putin will commit another crime.

It is enough to remember how many copies were broken about the "green men", delusional versions on the downed MH-17 and other nonsense. The same thing with the chemical weapons containers accidentally spotted in the photo from the bombed-out airbase became the same subject of discussion.

Immediately went into the conclusion that the chemistry in such containers is not stored. When there was a stream of such containers from Russian enterprises for the destruction of chemical weapons, the Russians offered to properly study the markings on the containers, they could contain a blasting charge and in general, there could be poured soup and porridge. At the same time, in Ukraine with Russia there is a flow of weapons either with erased markings, or with broken on another, to confuse the trail. And here we are offered to study the markings.

Tellingly, in the video from the airfield, Assad's military tells that there are no chemical weapons, and if there were, everyone would have died. From their words and from the words of the Russians, this is the main confirmation of the absence of THE CO on the base.

All this is wonderful, and the public has gone in this direction, discussing the marking of containers and the absence of at least one victim of chemical weapons (CO) at the base, if not for two "NO".

The first is that the Pentagon has tracked the equipment, takeoff, attack and landing of the aircraft from THE CO and has objective data on this. Leaders of states that were warned by Trump saw this beauty, and therefore approved of the attack. And secondly, the Pentagon made a statement that the strikes were carried out with such calculation as not to cover the Russian iron (helicopters) and the storage site of the CO just to avoid the side effect – the death of a peaceman from the HO.

Against this background, a rather revealing fact went unnoticed. Five hours after the chemical attack, a Russian plane, believed to be a Russian plane, launched a rocket and bomb attack on a local hospital where the victims of the chemical attack and physical evidence of the use of THE CO were being transported.

The raid was carried out with the aim of concealing the traces of the crime. And the public argues about the labeling of containers.

That is, all the points are arranged and everything is clear to everyone, but the Kremlin again tells "about jinx and damage", and rotosei again moved in the direction indicated by the fraudster.

There are still people who listen to this Nazi nonsense and try to analyze. Life has not taught them anything, but here everything is simple: Russian is a lie by definition, and the lie is Nazism, until there is evidence from several sane and unequivocally non-Russian sources. The word "Russian" has de facto become synonymous with the word "Nazism."

RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA. Russian, so - Nazism

To quote Joseph Goebbels – there is no difference in Goebbels quotes from Nazi Germany and modern Russia. They're like brothers and twins.

"Guns and bayonets are nothing if you do not possess the hearts of the nation";

Possession of the masses is the sole purpose of propaganda;

Any means are good for achieving this goal, the main thing is that the propaganda is effective;

– accordingly, in addition to "white" truthful information, it is necessary to use "grey" – that is, half-truth, and "black" – a blatant lie: "we achieve not truth, but effect";

-and "the more monstrous the lie, the more they believe in it" and the faster it spreads;

"Propaganda must affect more feelings than the mind"

– and so that the crowd has no doubts, "messages" should be primitive, without details, at the level of a one-complex slogan: "the worst enemy of propaganda is intellectualism";

– in other words, "propaganda must affect the senses more than the mind" and therefore be bright, catchy;

To extol the leaders and the people, constantly maintaining a high degree of ideological pathos and hysteria;

endlessly repeat the propaganda crack: it is difficult not to succumb to its magic, if an increasing number of others believe in it.

All that is said above, the reality of the Nazi Kremlin!

RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA. Russian, so – Nazism

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