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Tripoli. The insatiable

Tripoli. The insatiable
Tripoli. The insatiable

Today it can be definitely argued that the Libyan government coalition managed to seize the international airport on the outskirts of Tripoli, as many videos from the scene with trophies captured during the operation appeared on the Internet.

But the airport was still just one of the enemy's strongholds and in fact, events are developing on a wider front.The enemy hastily retreats from the capital

of Libya and if during positional battles he took refuge in various shelters, now found himself in an open area, where Turkish aircraft and artillery destroy enemy forces monotonously and methodically, as they know it is perhaps best than all, now found itself in open areas, where Turkish aircraft and artillery destroy enemy forces monotonously and

methodically, as they know it is perhaps best than all, Thus, the rebels, knocked out of their strongholds where arms depots, ammunition and other ammunition were equipped, are forced to retreat at an accelerated pace in order not to be destroyed by the persecuting pursuers. On the maps it looks something like this, where the cross on the left is the same airport.

In general, the enemy is retreating, and during the day it was reported that after the hasty departure of the rebels from Tripoli, the groups still remaining in Tarhoun followed them. At least, there is information from eyewitnesses that a huge column, about 3

00 pieces of equipment, had left in the direction of Bani Walid. For this reason, we offer a small review prepared by polish colleagues. They have made it in the mode of an outside observer and are not prone to intentional distortion of the pic

ture." … Since 27 May this year, the front line has stabilized in the form of a wedge-shaped ledge under the control of the GNA (rebels) with a base controlling the road from Tripoli airport to Wadi Abu Rabia, where positional battles began in the ensuing days. Beginning on 31 May this year, the hotbed of fighting has moved to the western wedge base near the ai

rport3 June, a general offensive by the GNA (government coalition) forces against rebel positions in the Tripoli airport area, which was swiftly recaptured. At the same time, north of the airport, Tripoli's government forces removed the edge of a wedge aimed at the suburbs of the capital and thus smoothly stormed the town of Kaser bin Ghasher to the west of the airport.

At the same time, to the west of the southern suburbs of the capital, another part of the government forces began to dismantle the cauldron with the rebels surrounded by General Haftar, reducing it several times.T

his turned out to be a breakthrough on June 4 this year, when after the capture of Kaser bin Ghagir, the GNA units launched further massive attacks along the road leading south of the city, through the cities of Isbia and Suk al-Khams, in the area of Suk al-Khams.

As a result of the strong impact, the lNA's defenses completely collapsed and the front line in this area was torn all over its length.

In one day, government forces captured an area about 35 km deep and 55 km wide. Thus, in the last two weeks, General Haftar's forces have been pushed back from the Libyan capital by more than 60 kilometers…

The scale of the defeat and the rate of continued retreat of General Haftar's troops are confirmed by the trophies that fell into the hands of government forces. The captured Sidi-Salih airport alone shows four helicopters (three AW-109s and one Mi-35) and three tanks (including two T-55s and T-62s) and large ammunition depots.

Tripoli. The insatiable

In turn, in Wadi al-Rabi, in the northern part of the captured area, according to the ANNOUNCEMENT of the GNA, 7 tanks, 3 comba

t vehicles, 3 artillery systems, as well as ammunition and fuel depots were captured." , representatives of the Libyan government today say tha

t they welcome on their land Turkish companies, which will be given the maximum favored regime.All this suggests that i

n a few years we will go on vacation to Turkish hotels on the Libyan coast. Why not?


Tripoli. The insatiable

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